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GAT believes in the feminist values of:
• Gender Equality at all levels
• Respect for Human Rights and Women’s Human Rights
• Participatory Democracy
• Respect for Diversity and Differences
• Social Justice and Fairness
• Elimination of all Forms of Violence and Discrimination
• Solidarity and Connectedness
• Reconciliation through Problem-Solving
• Embracing and Celebrating Diverse Women’s Experiences

GAT works on the principles of participatory democracy as a process emphasizing the broad participation of constituents striving to create opportunities for Cypriot women in making meaningful contributions to decision-making so as to bring about social change towards a more tolerant, humane, equitable and non-patriarchal society. Following feminist principles, GAT does not believe in hierarchy or any sort of vertical decision-making structures and makes decisions in consensus. Membership is open for any individuals sharing the same vision, mission, approach, values and principles.

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